What We Do

Your Wholeness will affect your Performances at work (or school), your Relationships, your general well-being and your Spirituality.

When an individual is Whole, they positively affect their family, their workplace and the society at large.

Our aim is to equip individuals for all-round Prosperity – professionally, personally and relationally.

In line with this Vision, we offer the following products and services:

  • Power Your Vision, a book that guides you on an introspective journey to discover the gems within, and equips you towards expressing those gems and live your Purpose.
  • The ReAlignment Solution, a Transformational journey that guides you towards Wholeness of Spirit, Soul and Body – and equips you towards healing, self-discovery and fulfilling your Purpose.
  • Training and Consulting Services geared towards Alignment of employees and equipping them for optimum performance and productivity.
  • Conference Speaking Services to equip groups of people towards Alignment and living purposefully.
  • The ReConnect Program
    that is geared to guide couples towards individual healing, greater connection, and Oneness of Purpose and Vision
  • Mentorship & Inspiration
    where we reach and positively impact the masses through media appearances, inspirational blogs and videos; as well as partnership with schools and colleges.

We are all made of Spirit, Soul and Body – designed to have Great Instinct, have a great capacity to Decode, Reason and Strategize, and then Implement our Unique Purpose.

However, lack of understanding of our fundamental make-up, coupled with our life experiences, severely impede our capability to operate in this Realm.

The ReAlignment Solution is a 3-part course that takes a total of 22 weeks and is designed to equip you to align:-

  • Your spirit – that essential part of you that captures God’s signal and interacts with the spiritual realm
  • Your soul – the intelligent interface between your spirit and your body
  • Your body – the physical part of you that interfaces with your mind to create your reality in the earth realm

When an individual is able to effectively interact within these 3 realms:

  • They Rediscover their True Identity
  • They have Clarity of Vision
  • They Discover their Purpose
  • They have Clear Goals and therefore become more Productive
  • They are able to overcome Life’s Challenges

What The ReAlignment Solution entails

1. ReAlignment Program (Stage 1)

This is a foundational program that takes 10 weeks; and focuses on healing, self-discovery, and equipping individuals towards Wholeness and Fulfilling Relationships – with themselves, God, and others.

This is an interactive Program that includes 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with Judy.

2. ReIgnite Program (Stage 2)

Once one has completed The ReAlignment Progam and are aware of their Identity, they are ready to be equipped to understand how to tap into the spiritual realm and live in the Kingdom Reality.

This is a self-paced online spiritual journey that takes 8 weeks and equips the ReAligned individual to understand how to tap into the spiritual realm.

3. ReCreate Program (Stage 3) 

This is a 4-week self-paced online program designed to equip one to maintain their spiritual alignment, and continually develop and increase capacity to use their Creative Faculty to enforce the Purpose of God in their lives.

The ReAlignment Program Packages

1- ReAlignment Group Online Program

These are Group online classes for a maximum of 15 people held via Zoom. The online classes take place weekly from 8 p.m.- 9:30 p.m. EAT.

What can you expect?

  • Weekly Group Empowerment Sessions
  • Group Class Interactions
  • WhatsApp Interactions
  • E-handbooks & E-workbooks
  • Individual coaching sessions (3 sessions)

2- ReAlignment Executive Program

The Executive Package offers in-person classes for a maximum of 10 people in the serene environment of the Lower Hill Area, Nairobi. The classes are held in an exquisite setting within the BTL Centre.

What can you expect?

  • Weekly Group Empowerment Sessions
  • Group Class Interactions
  • WhatsApp Interactions
  • Printed handbooks & workbooks
  • Individual in-person coaching sessions (3 sessions)

3- ReAlignment VIP Program

The VIP Package is an online program designed to meet the unique needs of individuals who desire a private and dedicated class for one.

  • Flexible Weekly Online Empowerment Sessions
  • WhatsApp Interactions
  • E-handbooks & E-workbooks


The ReAlignment Program came at a pivotal fulcrum in my life - when I needed the right push off the wall.

Here I learnt what scriptures teach. About God’s people suffering for lack of knowledge.

That knowledge begins with knowledge of self. Till one understands self, everything is guess work. Even spirituality.

Coach Judy is the fix, for that star elite player. When you need to get off the bench and right into the game. When you know it's time to score.

Testimonial Item

Chigo Azuonye



Ever since I took the ReAlignment Program, I have become confident, vibrant and content.

I have been able to see myself in the image of God, have a relationship with myself, and face challenges especially conflict with a positive attitude. I feel alive and my relationships with colleagues and family have greatly improved. I am a liberated woman, walking towards my God-given destiny and enjoying fulfilling purpose day by day. Thank you, Judy, for answering the call of God. You literally lit the bulb in my life.

Testimonial Item

Sarah Mugi



The ReAlignment Program helped me to learn to tap from God, discover my life purpose and the challenges that come along with it. It also helped me to build and maintain relationships.

It was a spiritual awakening journey that I will forever be grateful for.

God bless you so much Judy.

Testimonial Item

Shawin Gideon



The ReAlignment journey helped me align who I am to my Purpose.

I outgrew fear, embraced my past positively and have grown in knowing who I am in Christ.

You are a great blessing in my life, Coach Judy. Be blessed.

Testimonial Item

Ann Ngure


What we received from you, by the special grace of God cannot be compared to the cost of the ReAlignment Program. We know what it will cost us out here.

May God continue to bless your ministry as you transform lives for God's Kingdom. We are spreading the word... everyone need to go through this. It's a blessing.

Testimonial Item

Jambah Warner



The ReAlignment Program shore a bright light in my path that felt dark, or rather blurry. It was the start of something beautiful inside.

Now I have confidence I didn’t have before. I have known my value, and have put healthy boundaries to maintain that value.

I am still learning a lot as a result of that program and believe I am still in the journey of being the best of myself I could ever be, and as God desires me to.

Testimonial Item

Dorcas Sombei


The ReAlignment Program was exactly what I was looking for. I had become stagnant in my comfort zone and lacked clarity of vision on my God-given Purpose.

The Coaching sessions were powerful! Judy was enable to connect with me and help with connecting the dots as I moved towards unearthing the gem within. Her passion was well apparent.

When in doubt, Judy would push me to aim higher with confidence which was very inspiring.

Testimonial Item

Esther Muniu



Through the ReAlignment Program, my hunger for God grew, I gave my life to Christ and I have never looked back.

The program enabled me to heal from my past wounds and develop a healthy self-esteem.

I was also introduced to spiritual disciplines that have enabled me to keep my boundaries, discern my associations and guard my mind.

Testimonial Item

Grace Gakenye



The ReAlignment Program helped me get clarity regarding who I am and where I should be going. It helped me in a critical point in my life when I was transitioning from formal employment to a time of reflection and biashara.

Keep doing the wonderful work… What you do is a ministry.

Testimonial Item

Komu Kimamo


The ReAlignment Program has been such a beautiful journey of self-discovery and healing.

There was something I was searching for in order to fulfil Purpose - and this was it!

I am now more aware of who I am, and why I think and react the way I do.

I am forever grateful for this program and I feel ready for the next chapter of my life.

Testimonial Item

Dulcie Njathi



One of the best things I will always be grateful for is the improvement of my relationships.

Knowing that I am living in my purpose and understanding the various levels of Relationships – based on my purpose – has been a game changer.

May God enlarge your territory.

Testimonial Item

Susan Oluoch



I am a true testimony of the ReAlignment Program. I had lost all hope and had no courage.

Through this program, I regained my confidence and can now express myself.

There is a great change in who I am and how I relate with people.

Testimonial Item

Jane Njoki



For me, the ReAlignment Program was God-sent. It came at a time I was going through a wilderness season.

I have lots of testimonies that have happened in the past two years.

My message to everyone who has not gone through the program is to attend it. Let go and let God!

May God richly bless you.

Testimonial Item

George Mugwe



The ReAlignment Program helped me understand how to deal with people with different temperaments and draw healthy boundaries.

The personal coaching sessions were mind-blowing. You were able to connect with me and helped me in connecting the dots as I moved towards unearthing the gem within me.

Thank you for inspiring me and pushing me to aim higher.

May God continually bless and refresh you.

Testimonial Item

Stella Mathenge



The ReAlignment Program was life changing for me.

It helped take away my fears. I am now bold, can express myself well, and have healthy relatiohsips.

I have isolated myself from the world, but now, by the grace of God, have managed to participate in social activities.

I have also seen progress in terms of Time Management, and setting Goals for my life.

I am glad that I enrolled in this great program.

Testimonial Item

Dorothy Kendi


The ReConnect Program

“a cord of three strands is not easily broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).

Oneness in Marriage can only be attained when the two individuals are whole in Spirit, Soul and Body.

How can this be achieved?

The ReConnect Program seeks to guide individuals towards Wholeness as Individuals first, and then Oneness with their Partners by Understanding and Appreciating the Codes of Love in a Marriage Setting.

These are Group online classes for a maximum of 5 couples held via Zoom. The online classes take place weekly from 8 pm-9:30 pm EAT.

What can you expect?

  • Weekly Group Empowerment Sessions
  • Group Class Interactions
  • WhatsApp Interactions
  • E-handbooks & E-workbooks
  • Individual and couple coaching sessions


After attending this program, our lives couldn't remain the same. You'd always think that change is hard to achieve; but when you align your mind, soul, and spirit with your Maker, you can easily move mountains and break strongholds inside.

Nothing will remain standing in front of you except your purpose. Your existence will get a meaning and you'll be so proud of yourself. My wife and I had several fears within us in our union.

We both attended the ReAlignment Program, and today, the Spirit of God runs our home. We are so proud of you Judy. May the Lord add more to your cup.

Testimonial Item

Lwanga Caroli


An Aligned and Whole individual will inevitably be productive in the workplace.  We are committed to impacting the marketplace through our holistic approach and remain true to Building Brands by Building People.

Mental Health & Wellness

Through our understanding of the Alignment of Spirit, Soul and Body, it is our conviction, that mental health can only be achieved by addressing the three dimensions of our being.

An individual who attains Alignment, will have a true sense of identity, have a positive attitude towards self and others, build healthy and fulfilling relationships, have increased productivity and gain a better perspective of the future.

Emotional Intelligence

For one to truly achieve Emotional Intelligence, they must have dealt with the condition of their Soul – and must be centered in their spirit.

Our approach to Emotional Intelligence addresses the effect of the physical environment on the soul, and then guides individuals towards healing, a positive mindset, rewarding relationships and increased drive and productivity.

Personal Branding

As important as it is to create a Personal Brand, it is even more important to create an Authentic Brand – which emanates from one’s True Identity.

By taking a wholistic approach – and addressing the Spirit, the Soul and the Body – individuals will be guided to connect with their True selves, through healing and self-acceptance, become confident in that person – and then find the courage and the confidence to share that person with the world.

Workplace Synergy

Team cohesion can only be achieved when the individuals who make the Team are aligned, have clear personal goals – and therefore are motivated to achieve the Corporate Goals.

Once individual Alignment is achieved, Teams are equipped on how to harness the individual strengths and jointly become a Strong Force.


We were extremely impressed by the service offered. Upscale Ventures Consulting did not only design the Curriculum, but also went an extra mile to create the brand identity, values and the entire communication and sales strategy.

Upscale Ventures demonstrated a unique understanding of the end-to-end requirements for creating the product, packaging it, and communicating to the world; and demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and understanding of the dynamics of the world of communicating and selling.

We highly recommend their professional services to other business organizations.

Testimonial Item

David Kofi Owusu

Having patnered with the Upscale Ventures Consulting team on a training program for Sales Managers, I confirm their knowledge and understanding of the high demands of their sales profession - and their ability to communicate how to find success and fulfilment in the Sales Profession.

As a result of their passion, communication skills and ability to connect with the trainees, we had greater feedback from the participants. The client company also registered improvement in sales performance as a result of the training carried out.

I am confident that Upscale Ventures Consulting has what it takes to fully deliver on Sales Skills Training and will not hesitate to recommend their services.

Testimonial Item

Jane Ntutu

CEO Key Links Consulting

Upscale Ventures Consulting exhibited great teamwork; taking time to understand our client's brand and their unique audiences, and were very generous with their time and knowledge. It is notable how the team went the extra mile to ensure that the trainees fully understood their personal brand, knew how to navigate interpersonal relationships, and comprehend the principles behind the sales process.

I found them not only dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate, but also having a way of explaining things in a way that made it easy for the trainees to learn and offered mentorship opportunities for those interested, beyond the training phase.

Testimonial Item

Truphosa Hapisu

Conference Speaking

“Speaking is the ability to connect with the Audience at an Emotional Level, and take them on a journey – using your words – to the Desired Destination”

– Judy Mzungu

Judy is a Conference Speaker with a Great Passion for inspiring and spur individuals to discover themselves, overcome obstacles, walk in their Purpose and reach their highest potential.

I have encountered many speakers in my career. I know a good speaker when I hear one.

Judy is a well researched speaker who clearly understands her audience.

She is controlled in her delivery, clearly taking the audience through emotions - one of the very best.

Testimonial Item

Robert Burale

Public Speaker & PR Specialist


Judy is the Founder of Safarini with Judy Mzungu whose aim is to inspire and influence individuals to reach their highest potential through empowering their life skills. She is committed to reaching and impacting the masses through media appearances, inspirational blogs, and videos.

Based on her experience in youth ministry and her passion for young people, Judy partners with schools and colleges to impart this generation with life skills that will equip them for the journey of life.

As a thought leader and panelist, she has been featured on major television and radio stations, and has also collaborated with influencers on their channels


Going through one of those seasons of life, the weekly broadcast on SAFARINI with Judy Mzungu was the gift that gave me sector-specific and developed solutions to every aspect of my day to day.

The broadcast comes highly recommended for practical Kingdom Principles.

Testimonial Item

Andiva Elvis

Chairman Man Date International

I had an opportunity to watch last Monday’s live broadcast and the message was powerful. It literally blew my mind and kept me thinking.

Thank you for what you are doing. I keep on becoming a better me, thanks to your coaching.

Testimonial Item

Belinda Nyang’or

Connecting with SAFARINI with Judy Mzungu encouraged me when I was at the verge of giving up and awakened the giant within me. Every Monday evening is that moment when I look forward to reigniting the fire within.

Thank you for inspiring, encouraging and motivating me.

Testimonial Item

Shawin Gideon

Having been part of SAFARINI with Judy Mzungu, I have been equipped with priceless nuggets that have seen me look at life issues more clearly and objectively.

I am convinced that The ReAlignment Program will be a life-changing experience; and look forward to learning and growing.

Testimonial Item

Jane Njoki Mwangi

Having been a follower of SAFARINI with Judy Mzungu at a time when I was at a crossroads in my career, I can testify that Judy’s Life Skills coaching helped me clarify and stay true to my Purpose.

I would fully embrace and endorse the ReAlignment Program she runs.

Testimonial Item

Lucy Wariara

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