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Author Judy Mzungu Jabali has crafted a compassionate and insightful approach to personal growth and healing that is sure to offer a beacon of hope for those feeling lost or discouraged in their life’s journey. This book’s emphasis on introspection and self-discovery is tempered with a strong, confident narrative voice, and the subject matter is always treated with compassion when discussing the importance of confronting past traumas and negative patterns to move forward. Power Your Vision is a fantastic resource for anyone seeking to overcome obstacles, reclaim their sense of purpose, and embark on a journey of personal transformation and fulfillment.

K.C. Finn

Reviewer, Readers’ Favourite Award
I have been reading a few books and resources on Purpose lately, but yours has a way of breaking it down in a step-by-step way.
Frankly, it’s the best of the resources I got myself I got for myself this year, as I try to unstuck myself.
This book is so underrated. I love it!

A. M.

What a powerful book, Judy!
You have beautifully and introspectfully reflected to recognize that God is and has been at work in every detail and season of your life and have successfully distilled very powerful Kingdom principles and Truths that we, your readers, can glean from and take hold of as we walk our unique journeys.
The routes and methods may be different, but the principles remain the same.

E. I.

Hi Judy! Chapter 2 was tough but I made it.
Evening Judy, done with Chapter 3. Despite the pain and the heartache, am not angry and bitter, angry or miserable at people and life. I have forgiven and hopeful. What a peace!
Hey Judy. Am doing a lot of soul-searching. A fire is being reignited in me. You are a blessing.

I. W.

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