May 17, 2019
No Judgement Yet

by Judy Mzungu

Have you ever dreamt about something that took so long, you eventually forgot the dream? Have you ever trusted God for something…prayed…fasted…it didn’t happen…until you eventually lost hope?
Have you believed God for a situation to change, but then it remained persistent?

No, wait a minute…. let’s break it down. Have you sent your CV to many places… maybe had occasional interviews… but never got employment?
Have you worked hard, and expected a promotion….and watched others pass you by? Have you trusted God for a spouse, and turned the calendar pages… as years flew by…and your chances seemed slimmer? Have you tried everything you know how to save what looks like a failing marriage…and whatever you did, things seemed to get worse?

Sometimes when we go through trying times, we try everything we can do, exhaust every avenue – until we literally come to our end.
Well-meaning people will assume we are not trying hard enough, we are too choosy, we are not going to the right places, or there’s something simply wrong with us.

That’s because that’s all we are taught.
Cause and Effect;
Work hard, get good grades. Send your CV, get employment. Be a good employee, get a promotion. Be a good man or woman, get married. Be a good partner, have a happy marriage.
Get married, have children.

But life is a mystery.
Some things can simply not be explained.

In Luke 1:5-7, the Bible says

In the time of Herod king of Judea there was a priest named Zechariah, who belonged to the priestly division of Abijah; his wife Elizabeth was also a descendant of Aaron. Both of them were upright in the sight of God, observing all the Lord’s commandments and regulations blamelessly. But they had no children because Elizabeth was barren; and they were both well along in years.

Elizabeth and Zechariah were not only upright; they were both descendants of a priestly heritage. Humanly speaking, everything should ideally have lined up for them.
Yet, there were not only childless, but Elizabeth was barren and advanced in years.
There was no explanation for the circumstances they found themselves in.
Their situation was dark and hopeless. Their case was closed.

What do you do when the odds are stacked against you, and it seems like there’s no way out? What becomes our attitude towards life and people when faced with a glaring problem that does not seem to go away?
Most of us become bitter and difficult people; some of us retract from our relationship with God. It seems like He is not fair.
Many of us worship God out of our Cause and Effect thinking – we do this, and He does that; until life throws situations at us – and we are called to worship God simply because of who He is.

Zechariah continued dutifully serving God as a priest. He did not let his circumstances determine his worship.

In Luke 1:8-9

Once when Zechariah’s division was on duty and he was serving as priest before God, he was chosen by lot, according to the custom of the priesthood, to go into the temple of the Lord and burn incense.

God’s purpose and assignment for our lives remains. As we align to that Purpose and remain in our place of calling, He divinely orchestrates for us to have that life-changing encounter in what looks like our normal course of duty. In those days there were about 20,000 priests throughout the country, divided into 24 lots of about 1,000 each. It means that the odds for Zechariah to serve on that day were 1 to 1000 – he stood a very slim chance.

But yet it encourages us to look beyond the statistics – and look up to God.
When your time comes, despite the economic analysis, the number of unemployed graduates, the number of applications made, the number of single ladies – your lot will be chosen.

While serving in the temple, in Luke 1:13, Zechariah had an encounter with the angel Gabriel – and was told that God would bless them with a son.
Zechariah had lost the dream. He had given up; forgotten about every prayer he had made. His circumstances did not match the Word of God. It seemed like he had been overtaken by time.

In Luke 1:18, the Bible says,

Zechariah asked the angel, “How can I be sure of this? I am an old man and my wife is well along in years.”

It is possible to be in a situation for such a long time that you accept it as a life sentence.
You become resigned to your fate.

It’s interesting to note that in the period when God is preparing us for the next season, He – for whatever reason – will take us through a period of seclusion, a period of silence.
After this phenomenal encounter in God’s presence, the curtain was drawn on Elizabeth and Zechariah.

The angel Gabriel in Luke 1:20, tells Zechariah,

And now you will be silent and not able to speak until the day this happens, because you did not believe my words, which will come true at their proper time.

In Luke 1:24, the Bible says,

After this his wife Elizabeth became pregnant and for five months remained in seclusion.

So you are going through a season when you seem to lose connection with the people around you, you are drawn away from the social scene – and it just doesn’t make sense to you?
You see, the labor room is a secluded place. It’s your time to draw near to God, incubate, and then birth that which He has deposited in you.

I don’t know how long your case may have taken. I understand that sometimes it looks dark, and it feels like your matter is forgotten. I pray that just like Job in Job 13:15, you will have the kind of steadfast faith that says “though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.”

I pray that you will so pass the test of faith so that when your time comes, just like in Luke 1:65, people throughout the territory will be in awe and talk about the doing of the Lord.

The Judge in Heaven is about to call your File; and while you wait for that moment…keep walking the Journey of Faith.

Bon Voyage!


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