March 19, 2019
Into the Darkroom

by Judy Mzungu

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God…”

We live in times when everything is about making impressions – about putting our best foot forward, showing off our filtered pictures, narrating our best stories, and generally displaying the ‘feel good’ part of our lives. Our interactions with one another are largely on social media. That’s when we get to know what’s going on’ in one another’s lives. We never really take time to connect with our authentic selves, or find time to deeply connect with others.

And so we find ourselves lonely yet crowded by friends on social media, lonely yet crowded by people in WhatsApp groups, lonely yet surrounded by people in churches and social places.

Lonely, because we cannot find depth and meaning in our conversations.

Lonely, because we lost one another in certain seasons of our lives.

Lonely, because it seemed no one could understand what we were going through at some point in our lives.

There comes a time when God draws us into the Dark Room…. yes, that room that we all forgot.
The room where real life images and pictures are developed. When we have to face who we really are – in a lone and quiet place; where we have to make a personal conversation with God; and take a journey into the depth of our souls.

There’s no time to say goodbye…He simply draws us into the Room.  And the truth is, while it’s confusing for us, it’s more confusing for those around us. In a strange sense, only those who have been here understand. And it’s those chosen few you can connect with in this Season.

Just when you get accustomed to the darkness, light starts flickering through. There’s a ray of hope…. some sort of understanding of the Season. You don’t have the all the answers – but there’s a sense of relief – there’s an inner knowing. And you begin to wonder about others going through that Season.

Something in you primes you to reach out, to shout out to the next person in the Season – someone you may not even know. You see, we don’t talk about the Dark Room moments.

Shouting out involves baring yourself, it means being vulnerable. Yet you hope and pray that in some way, you will offer hope and encouragement to another. You pray that someone else who has gone through the Season will relate – and find relief that they were not alone. You pray that someone, someday who will be going through the Season will find your read – and find strength to walk the journey of faith. You pray that somehow they will Be Still and let God do His work in this Season – and that they will come out stronger, better, having found their Authentic selves and God’s Purpose for their lives.

Friends, this is what this journey is all about. It’s about finding ourselves and becoming the best version of who God created us to be.

It’s about finding our identity in God, and coming to the place where we are not defined by external impressions and perceptions – but are bold enough to become Trend Setters based on our True Identity.

I pray and trust God for a soulful journey…for deep conversations…for times of refreshing.

Scary as it might be, Let’s Do This!

As the say in radio lingo, “Keep It Locked” 🙂 God bless you!


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