March 19, 2019
Finding Your True North

by Judy Mzungu

“Man, just like a compass needle, will wobble before finding his
True North”

– Being Caballero

What’s the true meaning of Life?

What’s the true meaning of our existence?

You see, I grew up at a time when we were told to “work hard, get good grades, get a job”, “be a good girl, excel in household chores, get married”. That, in the opinion of those who went ahead of us, was the whole summary of Success.

And we believed it.

We worked hard, got reasonable grades, learnt how to cook and clean the house…and boy, weren’t we zealous to face life.  We had it all figured out.

And then Life hit us. We rammed into this bad accident. No one taught us about heartbreaks and how to survive them. No one told us that good grades didn’t necessarily mean a good job. No one told us that Life might be ‘happening’ today, but that Seasons do change.

We were caught off-guard. We got confused, wounded… no, damaged.  We somehow found the strength to limp out of the wreckage of our broken dreams.  Alone, to figure Life out… and find our way out of the dark maze we were stuck in. We bandaged ourselves, and soldiered on… a distorted version of our original selves.

We learnt to Survive.

We did whatever came our way – to pay our bills and make it to the end of the month. We did whatever we could to hold on to dead relationships and abusive marriages. Slowly, the childish joy and hearty laughter we once had, faded into a wry smile and a mirthless chuckle. The energy and zeal we once had faded; our Sense of Purpose got lost in the ‘battle for survival’.

We succumbed. We lost ourselves.

In the silence of our hearts, there is a deep ache. We know that we are made for so much more; yet we can’t just seem to get a hold of it. Nothing can beat the gnawing frustration of not being able to translate the hopes and dreams we once had. I guess the feeling is further worsened by those around us who try to define us by this Station of our lives. 

Deep down, we know this is not where we belong.

The vision is true north for the soul. It is a permanent intuitive compass direction for every human being. Every person inevitably strays from the path. Life is an endless experiment and course correction. The vision brings one back to the true path”

Thomas G. Bandy

Maybe that’s the point of this quiet moment.  Time alone…to retrace our steps. To find out who we really are when everything else stops. It’s a moment to walk back down memory lane…to find that child full of love and laughter…To find God’s blueprint for our lives. To find who we really were before we allowed the world to define who we should be.

Isn’t it in rediscovering our childhood gifts that we discover who we were truly meant to be?
Those gifts that were diminished by our life experiences; Those gifts that were relegated to the back-burner in our quest for survival.

All we need to do is to Still every other voice… To recluse into our inner world, and find our True Passion, then find the courage to pay the price of fulfilling our Life Purpose. The satisfaction and fulfillment of walking our Path of Destiny is the true meaning of Success – That slippery, misunderstood space the world could never really fathom…

Just as God spoke to the prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:5 saying “…before I formed you in your mother’s womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart” He speaks to us today. He knew and created each of us for a Purpose. Our part in the equation is to constantly ask Heaven for guidance in our quest for the Path of Destiny.

Yes, He does answer us.

When we walk into places that ‘feel like home’. When we perform assignments that we know ‘this is what I was born to do’.

When it ‘just feels right’…

And just so you know… It’s a Journey, You Evolve Into It! Bon Voyage!


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