March 19, 2019
Beside Still Waters

by Judy Mzungu

There comes a time in life when it feels like you have taken too many hits…. when your fight is gone, and you have no strength to go on. All you want to do is lie down, get some rest… and truthfully speaking, you really aren’t sure whether you want to fight again; you don’t know whether it’s all worth it. The confidence you once had in your ability to ‘make it happen’ is shaken. The past season of your life does not make sense anymore; it no longer gives you the kick it once did.

But the reality is that life is going on…. the demands on you are real…. bills to be paid, obligations to be met, friends and family to attend to. All these forces push you to trudge along…though deep down inside you know for sure, you have nothing left to offer. And no, you don’t know the direction to take. All you know is you need to get off the pitch.

As you walk away, you are pounded by questions and confused expressions from well- meaning people who sincerely do not understand your journey. As the sounds of the multitudes steadily begin to fade. You wonder whether you made the right decision, because truth be told, you miss the cheering of the crowd. You walk on fearful; yet with some inner excitement at the prospect of a new journey whose destination you don’t quite know.

It takes strength and courage to heed the inner compass; to listen to that inner voice that says “it’s time to recalibrate”. Few try to call you…to reach out…hoping to find the same person….and hopefully, find a way to help. But something has changed. You are no longer the same person…you try to explain…no one really gets it.

This is going to be a lonely journey. And that’s the whole point really; Lose the crowd to find Him, and find your true self.

At first, the thought of unpaid bills scares you, then in many ways He proves indeed He is the Provider. He covers you in ways you could not imagine. And then you lose some relationships. You struggle with that reality. But the truth is, they were just not meant for the next season of your life. While you may want to hold on to them; you have lost the connection. You can never go back to being the old person they once knew.

Slowly, you learn to let go of the control you always thought you had. You let go of your ideas and opinions about things and situations. You totally surrender to Him.

And find the true meaning of Psalm 23:2 “…He leads me beside quiet waters…”

You begin to find peace in the stillness of His presence; the kind of peace that isn’t dependent on your circumstances; Peace that comes out of the assurance that indeed He is with you and His hand is upon you.

I pray that you will find the courage to let go, to be alone, and allow Him to lead you to the place of stillness – where He will reveal Himself and His purpose for you.

Bon voyage!


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