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Judy Mzungu Jabali is a Kingdom Life Coach who is committed to equipping individuals to discover and express their full potential, enhance wholesome human connections, and as a result, live productive and impactful lives.

Judy is the Author of the Power Your Vision, a guide that is designed to equip you to Overcome your Past and Rediscover the Path to Your Purpose.

She is the Founder of The ReAlignment Program (now The ReAlignment Solution), a Bible-based Transformational journey that focuses on Wholeness and addresses the Alignment of Spirit, Soul and Body. The ReAlignment Solution equips individuals for all-round Success and has gained international acceptance, establishing a footprint across continents.

Judy is a Training Consultant and the CEO of Upscale Venture Consulting whose focus is to empower employees by Alignment towards Mental Wellness, Emotional Intelligence and Authentic Personal Branding.

She has a wealth of experience in the Corporate world, having served in Administrative and Executive Assistant positions, Business Development, and Sales and Marketing Management.

Judy is a Conference Speaker who is passionate about inspiring individuals to reach their Highest Potential and fulfill their Purpose, by Alignment of their Spirit, Soul and Body.

She also has over a decade’s experience in serving in youth ministry and is passionate about Mentorship and raising a generation of Excellence, Character, and Integrity.

Judy is married to Isaac Jabali Khakula, who is also the co-founder of Upscale Ventures Consulting incorporating The ReAlignment Solution.

Your greatest discovery is to find your True Identity
— Judy Mzungu

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